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I’m Anjori Tandon, a dedicated visual design generalist. 

I started my design journey from the fiery city of Delhi and landed in Helsinki's icy landscapes in my quest for the coolest designs on globe, pun intended.

Thanks to my interdisciplinary education, I've become a Swiss Army knife of design skills. From Brand Design to 3D & Motion, Editorial/Print Design to Art Direction—I've honed my craft across the board.

I've also cut my teeth in the digital realm, crafting eye-catching content and directing campaigns for Marimekko, Squadron 14, Raw Mango, Aalto University & Grafiosi.

When I'm not busy making pixels dance, you can find me nurturing the creative community as co-founder of 'Kollektiivi'. We are a collective set out to make design practice more accessible, fostering a diverse international cohort.

Introverted by nature but adventurous in design, I'm always on the lookout for new tools and techniques to add to my creative arsenal.


 ︎ Open for commisions, jobs, or any inquiries ︎ Open for commisions, jobs, or any inquiries ︎ Open for commisions, jobs, or any inquiries

Tuesday Aug 8 2023
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